Idea, history

Philosophy & Vision

ITセキュリティ事業を推進する 目的意識、目標を常に持つ 社会貢献する 技術革新を怠らない 分野でのNo.1を狙う 社会、人、地球環境への慈愛を持つ

To create a new market segment with unparalleled information security technologies and products, through our own development, as well as through partnership with vendors in Japan and abroad, in order to become the leader in this specific market.

1.Encyclopedia on Computer Viruses
2.Manual on Complete Security Measures against Computer Viruses
3.Computer Viruses - Why They Spread and How They Can Be Protected
4.Actual State of Computer Viruses - Knowing Is The 1st Step For security

Company Establishment

Ahkun was established in early 2001, and has positioned itself in the information technology market as a unique and professional security service provider. Our offering includes a set of high-quality and very advanced solutions for security of an individual's PC, as well as an organization's computer network. Ahkun is capable of proposing a broad array of professional services that combine security conceptions, very advanced technologies, and a profound understanding of organizational business processes. Among Ahkun's many satisfied clients are government offices, leading industrial companies, large hi-tech organizations and international commercial entities that are extremely quality-minded.


Became a listed company on the Mothers Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Start of sales for "Ahkun AutoDaily Server" aiming to support company's management PC work
Start of sales for "Ahkun EX-AntiMalware" consisting of made in Japanese products
Start of sales for "Ahkun Antimalware-V5" combining software and hardware (firewall)
"Anti-Malware-ASP" is adapted as "Business Plala" ran by NTT Plala networks Inc.
Start of sales for "Ahkun AntiMalware-V4" enabling the comprehensive protection of malware
Establish the first spyware research centre in Japan to improve made-in-Japan spyware
Business partnership with Vision Power Co., Ltd. (Korea) and it equity participated
Start of sales for "SecureSphere" as data/risk management and prevention of data leakage tool by Imperva Inc.(United States)
Business partnership with Imperva, Inc. (United States) for prevention of information leakage and providing data/risk management solution
Establishment of Ahkun Co., Ltd. in Tokyo (20,000,000 JPY capital)